Healthy Living – Teen & Adult

The following Healthy Living Teen & Adult Programs are for ages 13 years and up unless otherwise noted. See our current brochure for class dates and times.


The Hackensack Health Department is sponsoring a Free Wellness Challenge. Join us in helping Hackensack meet the goal! Click here for the flyer.


For all levels, this class will help you to kick, punch, knee and elbow your way to physical fitness.


This is the latest fun dance workout. These moves combine Latin and international dances to encourage cardiovascular fitness and body sculpting. 

Self Defense

This class is geared to teach several self defense techniques that can be used in an emergency situation by all ages. After attending one session of eight classes you will have some effective self-defense skills that can help get you out of an unpleasant situation. This class is open for youth, adults and seniors.

SMILE: Seniors Move in Light Exercise

This is a program of stretching and strengthening designed to keep the older adult fit. It was developed to help alleviate the effects of aging such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and declining strength, balance and coordination.

Activities include walking, low-impact step aerobics, range of motion exercises, stretching, dyna-bands, dumbbells, and exercises designed to improve balance and coordination.

Specialty classes such as Tai Chi, Zumba and Yoga will be introduced during the class.

Ages 62 years and older


Yoga helps to reduce stress, tones, relaxes, stretches and strengthens muscle tissue. Program consists of meditation, breathing, warm-ups, yoga postures, and ends with a deep relaxation session. For all levels.