Wellness Center

Geraldine Lee’s Wellness Center
Treadmills, free weights, strength machines-cybex circuit, stationary bikes, steppers, rowing machines, upper cycle, elliptical machines, assisted dip and pull-up machine. Members must be 13 years and up to use the Wellness Center.


Wellness Center Equipment Orientation and Exercise Program
Members are encouraged to make an appointment for a free orientation of the Wellness Center. Learn how all the equipment operates and what the facility has to offer. Appointments may also be scheduled for help in developing an exercise program.

Ages 13 years and up
Orientation is required for members 13-17 years

Wellness Evaluation
Schedule a free wellness evaluation to help you meet your goals. Wellness evaluation includes an equipment orientation, sit and reach test, BMI, fat percentage and weight.

Ages 13 years and up

Health & Wellness Coaching

Maximize your fitness potential with a wellness coach.  Facility Members only.  All wellness coaches are fully certified personal trainers.

Ages 13 years and up

Fee: $42 per hour, $26 per half-hour
Buy six or more sessions for $37 per hour.

*All sessions are with a certified personal trainer.


Introduction to Strength Training Equipment

Are you ready to begin working out but feel unsure about the various machines and how they work?  This class if for you!  In small groups, you will learn safe and effective use of all our machines.

First Tuesday of each month, 10:15am, or Wednesday, 5:00pm; Additional days and times available, please contact Shannon Crooks, Wellness Coordinator to schedule a private orientation.  FM Free; PP $25

Group Training

This 12-week small-group program will help you set and achieve fitness, health, and nutritional goals using coaches who will assist you in goal-setting, ensure workouts are challenging, and be available for support, in addition to questions.  Coaches will host weekly training sessions and provide 2 workouts per week.

Training Session with Coach: Wednesday, 7:30-8:45pm; Friday, 10:15-11:30am

FM $60; $80 PP; $250 Non-Member


Born To Move – Fitness for Young Teens Ages 10-14


Fit & Flexible – Improve strength & flexibility with this fun mix of stretching exercises and movements.  FM: $50; PP: $80; Non-Member: $150


Boot Camp Jr. – basic training skills, cardio bursts, and body weight training stations will give young teens the ultimate workout.  FM: $50; PP: $80; Non-Member: $150


Wellness Center Hours

Members must be 13 years old to use the Wellness Center.

The Y facility areas close at the times below. Members may use the locker rooms at closing but must vacate the building within 15 minutes of closing time.

Monday - Friday 5:30am to 10:00pm
Saturday 6:00am to 7:00pm
Sunday 9:00am to 5:00pm